Dieses Paar heiratet auf dem Mount-Everest

Atemberaubende Fotos von einer außergewöhnlichen Hochzeit

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For the 6000+ extra instagram followers who added me this week, thank you, I'm truly humbled. We never expected this much attention. We just wanted to capture some beautiful and epic wedding photos. I would love to hear how you found out about the everest wedding story and how it moved you. . About the image below. . We trekked up the mountain in frigid temps, a few snow storms, icy steep trails, getting sick, and made it to base camp. Nine days of hiking an average of 6-8 hours a day. We had planned to sleep at Everest Base Camp for two nights and capture a butt-load of photos around camp that I had envisioned. However, being that another snow storm was on its way, which would have made it difficult for us to get down the steep icy sections where we had seen others slip, and also James had a deep Khumbu cough that required oxygen, we decided to be safe and take a helicopter down after the ceremony. We were told we had one hour and a half to eat, drink, and get married. . Two hours after we took off, we were in Kathmandu feeling the warmth and satisfaction of being back on the ground. Getting back to the hotel for a shower, which we hadn't had in a week was also nice. I wore the same clothes for the week and used wipes to clean myself everyday. I'll share more images not seen yet and stories as I finish up editing images, maybe next week. . Read the full story on the link below my instagram bio. Also visit our YouTube channel we just set up, to watch our behind the scenes videos. www.youtube.com/charletonchurchill . . #LiveLargeStaySmall #adventurewedding #mteverestwedding #adventureawaits #adventurethatislife #stayandwander #exploremore #weddingphotography #keepitwild #getlost #visualsgang #destinationwedding #adventurous #weddingphotos #finditliveit #getoutdoors #getoutstayout #hikerslife #theoutbound #bride #goplaces #adventurevisuals #choosemountains #charletonchurchillphotography #visualsoflife #weddinginspo #everestbasecamp #mteverest #charletonchurchill

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Wer hat auch schon immer von einer außergewöhnlichen Hochzeits-Location geträumt? Dieses Paar aus Kalifornien hat es möglich gemacht: Ashley Schmeider und James Sisson lieben das Abenteuer und wollten keine 0-8-15-Hochzeit. Also haben sie beschlossen, auf dem Mount Everest zu heiraten. Was sie dafür alles in Kauf nehmen mussten und wie atemberaubend die Hochzeitsbilder aussehen, erfährst du auf der nächsten Seite.